Hi, I'm Kristin! 

This is typically the part of the story where I tell you, "Photography has always been my passion.."  right? PLOT TWIST: It hasn't.  When I graduated from high school, I truly had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. I spent two years deciding what made me happy and realized art, specifically photography, gave me that happiness and creative freedom. I then studied studio art in college, crafted my skill, and met some amazing people that helped blossom my business into what it is today. 8 years later, I am still in the industry I love so much and recently celebrated the 3rd anniversary of my business baby, The Dashing Ginger. I first started TDG in hopes to be of assistance to wedding and event professionals; I have since expanded my clientele and services and am proud to say my mission is to be a resource for all small business creatives that provides top-notch services, while being known for my professionalism, integrity, and originality in representing other creatives’ brands. 


But, who am I really?

The true me: I am a self-proclaimed cat lady, Beyonce fan girl, dance maniac, chocoholic, denim jacket advocate, and Grammy award winning shower singer. Most days you can find me in sweatpants, no makeup, and binging any Bravo TV series on my couch. Most people would say I am fun-loving, energetic, comical, and driven. I am the girl who will snuggle a stranger's dog on the street and leave anywhere with more friends than when I came. I  will also most likely invade your personal space when doing so. I am a hugger, be prepared. Let's meet, and hug, preferably over coffee or cocktails. 

Two truths and a lie... 

I am all about getting to know people, mixed with a little bit of fun.  What better way to get to know me than playing two truths and a lie. Can YOU guess the lie?

1. I once applied for a NASA bed rest study

2. I’ve danced with Heather Graham at a 70’s club in L.A.

3. I made it to final casting on The Real World (you know, the MTV show..)