Tampa Branding Photography for It's Official

This branding photography session was super special. Why? It's my Momcat! Wait a second, some of you may not know what a "momcat" (?) is....it's just what I call my mom. (and what all my friends call her too)

For the record my mom's name is Mimi. Before you ask, yes, it is her real name. Isn't it cute? My mom founded “It’s Official” on the principal that every couple has a story and in fact, they are the story, and it’s her obligation and honor to bring the elements of your relationship into the
ceremony. She achieves this goal by simply asking questions and getting to know the couple personally. The first meeting is just that, a visit to get to know each other and share experiences.

"I will ask you how you met, what made you fall in love with each other, what kind of ceremony are you seeking, how is family incorporated into the ceremony and are there any additional elements you would like added such as a unity candle, sand ceremony or even pets. It’s important to me that your wedding guests have a sense that we have established a relationship, after all, you will be entrusting me with the next steps in your life together, better known as, “the reason we are gathered here today."  I encourage couples to ask me questions as well. I love to share how my story began as a Deputy Clerk for the State of Indiana, performing my first weddings at the Clerk’s Office window in the marbled halls of the courthouse. Ask me what I enjoy most about officiating, the funniest wedding story or about my adorable grandsons. Allow me to tell you how the idea of opening my own officiating service began 22 years ago, and culminated into this dream I call, “It’s Official.”