Tampa Lifestyle and Product Photography for V'Enza Creations

This session was a breath of fresh air for me- where do I begin? Sheila of V'Ezna Creations had reached out through our Babe Crafted/Boss Babe Club network and she is simply AMAZING. We immediately clicked and had a conversation about our energies and how we could combine forces to create some new, magical imagery for her brand.

Sheila founded V’Enza Creations in 2014 with a vision to inspire, motivate, protect and heal.  She was at one of the lowest points in her life when she received one of her biggest inspirations.  Since then, she says she has been guided spiritually every step of the way in creating her line of jewelry and accessories.  Her mission is to bring happiness, peace, healing, positivity and light to as many people as she can reach through her creations.  Her goal is to have her line inspire others to set intentions for themselves.  Sheila believes strongly in the law of attraction and feels that her jewelry can serve as a reminder to her clients that anything is possible when you direct your energy towards who you want to be and what you want to become.  Her drive and motivation were driven by her children, whom she wanted to set an example for.  By continuing to push through during tough times and never losing sight of her goals, she has shown her children that they can do anything they set their minds to. 

Sheila is so warm, genuinely good hearted, and had the energy and kindness you want to be best friends with. I am so happy we crossed paths and are now creating amazing imagery for her business.